Warehouse - Free Zone
1000m² warehouse area Thousands of product diversity and stock capacity Rapid product delivery in Turkey and abroad

1,000m²  warehouse area

Fupa Lift opened its 1000m²  warehouse in 2000 in Tuzla Free Zone.

Thousands of products and stock

Alberto Sassi machines, Gustav Wolf steel ropes, Monteferro and Savera rails and Datwyler flexible flat cables, which we serve to increase the product variety, expand the stock volume and provide instant stock service to both domestic and foreign customers, are today. Our warehouse, which always holds up to 1000 geared and gearless machines, 100.000m steel rope, 10,000m flexible cable and 10,000m guide rail stock, makes it easy for us to serve with high volumes especially in our exported products.

Fast domestic and international product delivery

Thanks to the product variety, the fastest way of supplying the products that can be used in different projects to our customers is also provided from this warehouse. Stocks are kept up to date with fast product entry and exit, minimizing waiting time on the shelf.