Elevator Test Tower
90m height Turkey's highest elevator test tower Test probability of elevator with speed 3.5m/s and above

90m height

The lift test tower, which has a total height of 90m and a total of 78m above ground and 12m above ground, can be seen even from kilometers away and attracts attention.

An important step has been taken by Fupa Elevator to ensure that elevators suitable for heavy traffic and high speed and their components take their place in the international market. The Test Tower is an opportunity for designing future elevators and is expected to contribute to product development, R & D and certification processes. Fupa Lift will continue to contribute to the development of the elevator sector and invest in these areas through its product development and R & D activities.

Turkey's tallest elevator testing tower

Fupa Elevator testing tower with a height of 90m'lik with Turkey's longest elevator testing tower title, are among the few test rigs in Europe. At the top of the tower is a floor that offers panoramic views. Mechanical floor, crane floor and engine room floors and control room are also available.

This tower elevator industry with Turkey has stepped into a different category. It is now possible to develop, test and certify high-speed elevators suitable for heavy traffic as defined by class VI in ISO 4190. Component manufacturers will also have the opportunity to develop and test their products by testing the components of the systems to be tested in the tower. Tests such as cruise comfort, vibration, noise, quality, reliability, energy efficiency, etc. will be made in the tower.

Possibility of testing of elevators 4.0m / s and above

In this test tower, model lifts up to 4 m / s speeds will be tested. It will be possible to test elevators up to 2,000 kg of rated load in the tower. In the test tower, the model lifts can be tested as well as the components of these elevators. After these tests, it will be ensured that the model elevator systems and components are certified for conformity with the standards.