Head Office - Factory
10.000m² production High technology machine park 2.000m² office area Modern and esthetique working places

10.000m² production, 2.000m² office area

Taking into consideration the requirements of our age, Fupa Lift has started to invest in new production facilities, which it has been planning for a long time, to provide better and faster service to the elevator sector with different concepts for the future with its continuous and stable growth strategies. Fupa Lift's new production facilities and head office, which began construction in the first half of 2018, are located in the Gebze / Dilovası Machinists Organized Industrial Zone. Modern facilities with 12.000 m² closed area consist of 10.000 m2 production area and 2.000 m2 offices. The new FUPA facilities, built using advanced construction technologies, are full of features with all kinds of working comfort.

State-of-the-art machinery

Fupa Lift realizes its goals of becoming a world brand faster when the technology of new facilities is combined with qualified work force. Automation, ERP and Production Tracking systems based on a high-tech machine park with a factory where Industry 4.0 is applied in the new facilities, both domestic and foreign markets for more competitive product concepts are produced. In Fupa new facilities, under Fermator license, production of high quality doors in Spain quality, production of upper segment cabin and suspension, machine chassis and complete package elevator systems with FUPACK brand are produced.

Modern and aesthetic work areas

Office spaces, which are guided by contemporary architectural methods, will provide a pleasant time to its employees and visitors with their modern, green intertwined and aesthetic stance. Office spaces where employees will feel more productive and dynamic have a design that goes far beyond the usual office concept with its convenient spaces.