FUPA-Fermator EN81-20/50 Seminar / Istanbul-Bsb Asansör

We as Fupa Lift and together with Fermator, we continue our educational seminars on the details of the EN81-20/50 standard and the solutions Fermator has developed on automatic doors models for the changes within the scope of this standard. In this context, a special seminar was organized for BSB Elevator authorities in our company on 15.08.2017. 

EN81 norms have being applied in our country since 2004-2005 within the framework of the EU harmonization legislation and have come in various revisions and forms from the past to the present. The latest version of these revisions also appears as EN81-20/50 standards. 

Our meeting started with the technical presentation of FUPA Lift Production and R&D Manager Metin Agaya on EN81-20/50 and continued with the commercial information and product range presentation about Fermator presented by FUPA Lift Board Member Can Latif and he explained Fermator has been in the sector since 1977 and whose manufacturing and commercial activities are only on elevator doors, and which we have celebrated the 15th year of our association at Elevator Istanbul 2017. After Metin Agaya's technical training and En81-20/50's presentation of the changes on the Fermator doors meeting has ended. 

In our meeting with BSB Asansör, we had the chance to answer all the questions that remained in their minds about the new standard. We would like to thank the BSB elevator officials for their valuable time and their preference about us. 

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