Fupa Lift Traditional Gala Night- 2017

Our traditional and annual Gala dinner during the period Asansör Istanbul was given Hilton Garden Inn in Beylikdüzü this year.

Our singer, who has a strong ability to speak fluently various foreign songs from many languages and has an admirable a talent, made our guests to have an unforgettable and entertaining night.

Our customers and suppliers coming from all over the world were thrilled by the songs sang in English, Spanish, Farsi, Arabic, Hindu and Azeri and they have relieved the tiredness of the exhibition by having a pleasant night at our Gala dinner. Seeing our guests having a delightful and satisfying expression on their faces with a fine meal alongside created the feelings of pride and happiness for the Fupa family.

We are in the desire to continue our traditional Gala Night and we are thankful to our guests who made our night beautiful.

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