Fupa Lift At 42. Turkeybuild Istanbul Exhibition!

As Fupa Lift, we attended to 42. TURKEYBUILD ISTANBUL 2019 exhibition, which is considered as the biggest construction exhibition in Turkey.

In this exhibition we had the chance to host varied business fields from different countries around the world and the interest shown and number of visitors were incredible.

As Fupa Lift, we exhibited Vacuum Elevator, which is producing by PVE in U.S.A.  and distributing by Fupa Lift in Turkey and Middle East. With Vacuum Elevator’s new technology and different application capabilities, mostly architects and construction companies had a chance to get totally different point of view regarding vertical circulation systems at multi-storey houses.

We are proud of exhibiting new technologies and application capabilities to construction field with the name of FUPA. We are so thankfull to our visitors for the interest shown to our company and products.

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